Zero Waste Contest

During the “Sustainable paths, opportunities and good practices” convention in Rimini on July 1, 2019, Fontanot reveals the great success of the first “guide” that shows how to transform wood crates into decor items.

The Zero Waste project also earned Fontanot the prestigious Honourable Mention in the 15th edition of the GranDesignEtico International Award 2019.

Why Zero Waste: the weight of sustainability

The Zero Waste project is the natural evolution of our sustainable way of thinking, where first and foremost we place our 100% recyclable packing crate, generally considered a waste product, at the center  of our design.

Our packing crate deserves its acknowledgement: it takes care of our product and our customers and takes on the weight of sustainability.

The material weight of the staircase kit:

One of our staircases, born from a new way of thinking of thinking of the staircase as a set of standard components that conquered the mass market in the year 200 thanks to its excellent price quality ratio.

It is easy to assemble thanks to its step by step instruction manual inside the crate, but mainly two security points:

the A+ certification (water based varnish)

and the FSC certification.

A kit that packs safety

The Fontanot crate is: 100% reliable

A crate of values that deserves a prize

A new life with a new identity