Staircases planner

Fontanot Stair Planners allow you to design your staircase online. The Planners are available for Genius, Arkè, Pixima, Magia e Time products. Five clicks to have the design of your staircase..

1-Type of opening

To start your project, you have to choose the kind of opening: choose between circular, square and no opening. You can change this option later clicking on the “Plans” button.

configuratore scale step1

2 – Insert the Height

Indicate how high your staircase has to be, the kind of flooring and its thickness. To measure the correct height, remember to measure the distance from the floor on the bottom to the finished floor on the arrival.

3 – Choose the direction

Define the stair’s diamter and indicate the presence of walls both at the bottom of the stair and at the arrival. In this phase of the project, you can decide if the rotation of the stair must be clockwise or counterclockwise.

configuratore scale

4 – Personalize the color of the stair

Choose the colors that best fit your needs and you’re almost done with your project. Remember that you can modify the parametrs you indicated simply by clicking on the menu tabs.


5- Print your project

At this point, the project of your Fontanot stair is done! Print the final document and call us free of charge at the Toll Free Number 0800 6121045 to have more information.


Configure your stairs