Spiral staircases

Many models and sizes available for indoor and outdoor use

Spiral and helicoidal staircases by their nature develop their height in sinuous and soft shapes.
They differ in structure, space occupied and steepness.
Spiral staircase: it develops around a central pole, around which, in turn, the treads develop and can be circular, square or rectangular in shape. The choice of the “traditional” spiral staircase is functional in more restricted environments.
The helicoidal staircase is an evolution of the spiral staircase but does not have a central pole and has two helixes, one inside and one outside, which support the whole.
The helicoidal staircase is suitable for larger spaces than the spiral staircase.

The height and diameters of Fontanot spiral and helicoidal staircases are designed to satisfy all tastes and needs with beauty, quality and innovation.