Scenik Contemporary

Indoor Fontanot stairs are designed to enhance the essence of wood and integrate it perfectly in any modern design home. They combine the elegence of indoor wooden stairs with the beauty of an aluminum railing.

winder staircase

Scenik 040

Linear, solid, light, Scenik is a Fontanot spiral staircase model that integrates easily into the living space, equally at home...


Spiral staircase Scenik 040 Trend

The Scenik spiral staircases with 040 Trend railing combine the warmth of wood and the beauty of aluminium. Particularly suitable...

spiral stairs

Spiral staircase Scenik 070

The Scenik spiral staircases with 070 railing combine excellent industrial manufacturing with artisan passion and expertise to create elegant staircases...

scenik 080 verve

Spiral staircase Scenik 080 VERVE

The Scenik spiral staircases with 080 Verve railing have enveloping lines to furnish rooms in a modern and unconventional style....