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LaFont Essential winder staircases, as the word itself suggests, are the expression of essential nature harmonizing design and functionality. LaFont Essential staircases do not forgo the choice of a minimalist solution where each component of the staircase contributes to its overall elegance and uniqueness.
“Industrial” staircases with a “handcrafted” flavour, LaFont Essential staircases offer combinations of materials and railings that staisfy any style and environmental need.
The LaFont Essential winder staircase is available in three versions:
Fulmine: with lateral structures that follow the alternating pattern of the treads
Fascia: with continuous side structures
Essential Zink in hot-dip galvanised steel to “furnish” outdoor spaces with style and elegance.

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LaFont Essential Fascia

LaFont Essential Fascia is the winder staircase that customises your environment with style. The solid, continuous lateral structure integrates harmoniously...


LaFont Essential Zink Fascia

LaFont Essential Zink Fascia staircases are outdoor staircases characterised by one or two continuous lateral structures and treads, all in...


LaFont Essential Fulmine

LaFont Essential Fulmine is a staircase with lateral structures that follow the alternating pattern of the treads. The dynamic lateral...