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Presenting a LaFont staircase means talking about design: studying the product in terms of its maximum functionality, its aesthetic line, the quality and personality of its materials. The accuracy of the manufacturing process is impeccable and respects each element designed for the staircase.
We start with a “handcrafted” project based on the customer’s specific requirements; through multiple stages of refinement, every detail is studied in terms of design, materials, surface treatments and compliance with current regulations, to reach the creation of a complete “industrial” product.
Connecting spaces by communicating one’s personal style, treating the staircase like a sculpture and not as a structural component are the assumptions that make LaFont a winning element.

The LaFont winder staircase is available with two types of structure:
Fulmine: with lateral structures that follow the alternating pattern of the treads
Fascia: with continuous side structures

Spiral staircase LaFont

Whoever chooses a LaFont staircase chooses the attention to detail which blends craftsmanship and industrial experience. The special characteristics of...