A container from China becomes an innovative dwelling

The cHOMgenius project was created by Politecnico University of Milan DABC in partnership with BFC Sistemi srl, WHITEAM srl, UNI (National Italian Entity for unification) and the fundamental support of 20 national companies, among which the Fontanot Group which supplied two staircases. One is the Pop staircase, straight winder in steel that completes the industrial and functional style of the space.

A Slim in a “box”.

The spiral Slim staircase breaks up the rigidity of the “metal box” giving movement to the environment, designed to be entirely off-grid thanks to coordinated systems including a heat pump, co-generator, solar panels, electric cells, inertial accumulators and extremely low tension (24V) electric systems.

This has reduced the CO2 environmental impact by 50% compared to a traditional building and carries on Fontanot’s choice of a direction towards environmental protection.