1 Must I install the staircase once the house is finished?

The stair must be installed when the building works are finished, that is when the opening and the bottom and top floors are finished.

2 Can I install the staircase if I have floor heating?

No. If you have floor heating, leave an area without tubing where you plan to install the stair so you can drill holes for the screw fixings.

3 How can I clean the wood of a Fontanot staircase?

We advise against the use of products that contain siliconic oils for use in the furniture industry (like dust eating products) because they create a patina on the treads that would make them slippery. Best use a damp cloth.

4 How can I clean a Fontanot polyurethane handrail?

With products suitable for cleaning plastic, like those used for car dashboards.

5 Do Fontanot stairs respect building safety regulations?

Yes, Fontanot stairs are built following the rules that regulate safety for principal and secondary private use.

6 Where can I find Fontanot stairs?

Fontanot has a national sales network. For more information about the nearest stores, just call 800-847021 or use the online search.

7 How long does it take to install a Fontanot staircase?

The Fontanot installer takes one day to assembly the staircase.

8 How is the staircase delivered?

The scale is packed in a packaging of about one cubic meter that is delivered by the courier to the civic number.

9 Can I purchase your products directly online?

Yes, if you want to do the installation yourself, some products can be “also” be purchased online from the Fontanot Shop UK site. Among these, the Techne collection staircases and the staircase furnishing accessories can “only” be purchased online.