Arkè Smart

The Arkè Collection includes indoor and outdoor winder and spiral staircases perfect for DIY lovers. In fact, the Arkè Collection staircases are available in kits designed to make them easier to assemble. Furthermore, thanks to the Fontanot Online Planner you can design the staircase that best fits on your own at no extra charge.

Spacesaver stairs Karina

Karina prefabricated staircases in kits from the Fontanot Arkè line are made with painted steel supports and black finishes. Distinctive...

kya spacesaver stairs

Spacesaver stairs Kya

Kya is the prefabricated staircase in a kit from the Fontanot Arkè line dedicated to small spaces. The ideal spacesaver...


Scala in kit Civik

Le scale a chiocciola in kit di montaggio Civik sono realizzate in acciaio verniciato con corrimano in PVC, con anima...


Scala in kit Civik Zink

Le scale prefabbricate in kit Civik Zink Arkè di Fontanot hanno la parte metallica protetta da un bagno di zinco,...