why are they comfortable?

More space thanks to the ergonomic shape

The ergonomics of the Fontanot 2:Easy alternate treads increases the clear tread width, allowing you to comfortably walk up and down the stair in the area closest to the tread, which cannot be done on conventional spiral staircases because there is less space. The Fontanot 2:Easy patented treads are the ideal solution if you want a spiral staircase that is comfortable to walk up and safe to walk down.


Why are they safe?

Fontanot 2:Easy: the safest treads for spiral stairs

Fontanot 2:Easy treads increase the indoor spiral stair's safety because they increase the available foot space on the tread, especially while descending the staircase. Fontanot 2:Easy treads ona a spiral stair make it safer thanks to the ease with which you can ascend and descend the staircase. Thanks to the Fontanot 2:Easy treads the spiral stair is safer, so it is the best choice for families with small childern or elderly components.


Why are they special?

Fontanot 2:Easy: elegant treads for spiral stairs

The shape of the Fontanot 2:Easy treads is designed to combine comfort, safety and beauty. The Fontanot 2:Easy alterante treads contribute to giving the spiral stairs they are installed on a modern style that are perfectly in sinc with the evolution they represent. The new Fontanot treads are the result of years of research, aimed at increasing the beauty, the comfort and the safety of spiral stairs.