Staircase Furnishing

Staircase Furnishing

There can never be enough ideas to furnish your home just as you can never have too much space. With this in mind, Fontanot has rethought the function of the staircase to gain in design and useful space where to put all your things. New furnishing accessories perfectly integrate in the staircase structure to make your home more modern and even more alive.

Easy to fit

Each accessory has been made to be as easy as possible to fit. Look at the details of each product to find out if and how it can be fitted on a spiral or winder staircase and even on a wall. In the latter case, we also suggest which screws you should get for maximum safety.

Clear and simple instructions

You get clear and simple assembly instructions for each accessory: Kalypto child protection gate, Shelf-Y shelf, Trul-Y coat rack, Timel-Y wall pocket, Space-Y understairs storage container. You can today make use of that wasted space under the stairs to create a new living space.

Video guides, Safety

Three different video guides for safely fitting the Kalypto child protection gate (on spiral and winder staircases and on walls). It’s not only fun for your children, but also the first to comply with the latest safety standards.

Eco-friendly for a minimal environmental impact.

All the furnishing accessories have been manufactured according to the highest quality standards and using the best materials for the lowest possible environmental impact. Every accessory is 100% recyclable (except for the Kalypto child protection gate, which is 95% recyclable).

Any questions?

A staff of experts will gladly help you resolve any doubts you may have free of charge. Call the Toll Free number to find out if the staircase furnishing accessories are compatible with your staircase or for any other information on sizes, fitting and prices.


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Experience put into the design. Forty years of industrial know-how in the staircase sector poured into Fontanot Lab: a laboratory of useful ideas for staircase furnishing making room for the best Italian talents to design the Fontanot accessories. Easy to fit and with minimal environmental impact. At last a useful and eco-friendly design to furnish your home. A Web exclusive.

Useful Design, Italian Design

From a creative design idea to an industrial design solution: all the staircase furnishing accessories are created in Fontanot Lab, a laboratory where the most creative Italian designers transform their ideas into original furnishing accessories with useful and invaluable solutions for your living space.

Buy them online, only on the Web.

You’ll find the Staircase Furnishing accessories only on the Web. Buy them from FontanotShop. Free delivery within 5 working days from receipt of payment. You have the guarantee of 40 years’ experience and professionalism endorsed by the faith and positive reviews of those that came before you.