Ce Marking


The CE symbol indicates that a product complies with all the EC requirements for its intended use with regard to design, manufacture, placing on the market and disposal.
Six types of Fontanot staircases comprising a good 69 models benefit from European Technical Approval and are CE marked. The CE marking indicates that a product complies with all the EC provisions that govern its placing on the market after having verified its performance and the factory production control system proving its suitability for the intended use.
Even though staircases in kits are not required to have the CE marking, Fontanot would like to show that its product meets the strictest European requirements.
The production cycle of the CE-marked Fontanot staircases is annually inspected as a guarantee of the constancy of performance indicated in the European Technical Approvals.

Why choose a product with the CE marking
The CE marking is a label that indicates that the CE-marked product complies with the essential requirements for marketing and utilization of the product within the European Union. That is why it is important that your staircase has the CE label applied. The marking is the result of study and research to ensure maximum product stability, strength and safety.

How the CE marking is obtained
First of all, you need to demonstrate with calculations and laboratory tests that the staircase meets the essential requirements of the European standards. Then you need Technical Approval (ETA) issued by an approval body which in our case is the Institute of Construction Technology which forms part of the National Research Council (ITC-CNR). This document, verified by all the corresponding approval bodies of the various states of the European Community, certifies and proves the safety, strength, durability and functionality characteristics of the staircases.
Finally, you need an FPC Certificate of Conformity whereby, through an annual audit, it is certified that the corporate production system requirements are maintained. It is only at this point that Fontanot has the right to apply the CE marking.

How to read our CE marking