Fontanot will be presenting, a metal staircase prototype, designed by Francesco Gioia and Fabio Pierdominici at the 2015 edition of BAU in Munich.

The prototype study was aimed at finding a nimble, rigid and simple shape.
A very clean-cut and trim architectural result has been achieved so that the staircase can fit into numerous contexts from reconstructions to new constructions to the naval sector, and where the highest quality standards are required.
The prototype does not have a railing, handrail or any coating: these, together with the finishes, can be decided case by case according to the design specifications. This prototype has a circular development, but the staircase can be adapted to any planimetric layout, also with landings and in places where there are many irregularities (e.g. next to old structures).

Come and take a closer look at the new Fontanot prototype at BAU 2015 in Munich from 19 to 24 January 2015 (B5 - STAND 417).